I’m pretty excited to say that I’ve got a book to sell!

I’ve got a bunch of copies to sell that I can post to Australia and New Zealand. If you want a copy delivered further afield you’ll probably get it cheaper from Amazon or Book Depository. Though I’d be happy to send you a copy if you’re happy to pay the postage (and that way you can get a signed copy!)

Order your copy for immediate delivery at https://www.trybooking.com/BMFIB

So you know what you’re getting, here’s the back of the book blurb:

In an expressivist culture, effective engagement must acknowledge teenagers’ freedom to choose their own spiritual path. Yet, in an evangelical theology, faithful formation must hold on to biblical authority.  As we seek to engage young people with the Bible, key questions need to be explored. Such questions include: how can pedagogical freedom be affirmed without undermining theological authority; and how can authority be asserted without diminishing personal freedom?

This study explores a freedom-authority dialectic in theological dialogue with the educational philosophy of Maxine Greene. Greene’s reflection on the arts and the imagination are brought into conversation with insights from Charles Taylor, Garret Green, and Nicholas Wolterstorff.

As a work of practical theology, the book concludes with a framework to shape the purpose, content, and values for Bible engagement in contemporary youth ministry.

Here’s some commendations from some good friends and trusted colleagues:

“Graham Stanton has been a stalwart in the global youth ministry conversation for a decade. He’s been a wise voice with a keen mind. That wisdom and depth of insight is on full display in Wide-Awake in God’s World. This is a book that all pastors, youth workers, and students in practical theology should wrestle with.”

ANDREW ROOT, author of The End of Youth Ministry?

“When most teens are leaving church to find themselves, we must reimagine Bible engagement to freely encounter God afresh. Graham Stanton’s artful and wise study, with faithful practice, leads the way. He respects the authoritative Word, and yet honours adolescents in their quest to construct a meaningful and authentic existence that transcends their anxieties. I pray every youth ministry enters this dialogue, jolted wide-awake to join the Lord gently calling the lost back home.”

DAVE BENSON, Centre for Culture and Discipleship, The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

“This book proves what I have long suspected, that Graham Stanton is a heavyweight among youth ministry thinkers. In a genre often characterized by milkshakes and fries, Stanton provides us with a thick steak. Sure, you may need a sharp knife at times, but the meal is worth the effort.”

KEN MOSER, author of Changing the World Through Effective Youth Ministry

“Wide-Awake in God’s world introduces a distinctly fresh paradigm for the spiritual formation of young people. Stanton seeks to reconcile the tension between expressive individualism and biblical authority, and his attempt is convincing. Graham’s confidence in God’s grace, his loving respect for young people, and his unapologetic commitment to the authority of Scripture are evident throughout this work. It is a thought-provoking text that will challenge and inspire both professors and practitioners in youth ministry.”

KAREN E. JONES, Huntington University and Veritas Youth Theology Institute

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